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Wow that was great!!!! I loved it, humor was fantastic. Can’t wait to read the next book. If you like mysteries with great characters, great story line, you will love this book, couldn’t put it down!!! One of the best mysteries I have read in a long time. Thank you!!!!!- Erickson Sue
Clearwater Journals captured by Al Rennie is in a word, a ‘Masterpiece’. If you enjoy Robert Craig’s Joe Pike, or Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, you will love Joe ‘Doc’ Holiday. Joe is mid 30’s, retired Detective from Toronto, Canada because he was shot. He moved to Clearwater, Florida and works odd jobs. Enter Mia – a pretty waitress who works at IHOP where Joe regularly eats. Mia’s sister was killed three years ago and the killer was never captured. She asks Joe to help her investigate the case. There are people who do not want them poking their noses into the death of Mia’s sister, and subsequently, Mia is brutally attacked as a warning to back off. However, this has a reverse effect on Joe – he is out for blood. The characters in this book are very likeable, such as Mia, Joe, and Coop. There are also characters that you will hate, but Joe takes care of them. The storyline is brilliant…very enjoyable. I really found it hard to put down: it is filled with suspense, mystery, and action. The author adds a nice flavor of humor throughout the book as well. One of the best books I have read this year and will be reading the sequel, Clearwater Diaries right away. 5 Star for sure.- RJ Parker (Author)

4 thoughts on “Smash Word Reviews.

  1. Travis McGee was the old Joe Holiday. You have really done agreat job!!! What order should i read them in? I’d hate to miss anything

  2. I have read the first three books in Al Rennie’s Clearwater series and I was hooked right from the beginning. I find his books both interesting and entertaining. He has created a nice balance of suspense and mystery with a twist of romance between the two main characters, Joe Holiday and Mia. This author’s offbeat sense of humor had me laughing out loud at times. The characters are well detailed and believable. I cant wait to see what happens next. The ending of Clearwater Ambush, (his third book in this series) has left me on the edge of my seat so to speak. I find myself anticipating what happens next with these wacky and wonderful characters that one comes to know a little more with each additional story. I think its pretty safe to say that once a fan has read one of Al Rennie’s books, he or she will not rest until all the others are found and read too! 5 star rating…….. Donna VandenBroek

  3. I love the Clearwater books. A question for All Rennie…..this series reminds me so much of the late, great Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series, my all time favorite. Did you read this series before you wrote the Clearwater series??

  4. Al Rennie leaves a memorable trail of redemption of some of the bad guys. I enjoy the development of cast, the real atmosphere, but mostly I enjoy that the author really gives a second chance, just like in real life, to some pretty iffy characters.

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