Reader’s Response.

This is Merle. . . the real one. I just finished Clearwater Oops!.  It was great.  I couldn’t believe I actually saw my namesake as a main character in the book, and it was so awesome that she was such a tough little social worker looking out for the kids on the street.  Thanks so much for being so great to all of your fans.I’m glad that Flash and Luke were back, and as a dog lover, I am happy that Flash and Bruce have each other to rely on now that Luke will be busy with Merle and running the hotel.I hope you’re writing the next book, because I can’t wait to see what happens with Rob and Joe at the apartment complex, or will there be anything with Doug and Eliza. . . Not to mention Samantha and Dan; Or, what will happen with the search for Joe’s real mom? Or Mia’s necklace?  Gee whiz, I can’t imagine how you do it, but you had so many great stories that included so many of our favorite characters, new and old, that I couldn’t stop reading Oops, and so was so disappointed when my nook wouldn’t turn anymore pages, because I finished it. And, thanks Al for making Oops! 137 pages, I know you have made me and all of your other readers very happy, except for that giant cliffhanger!If any other of the Clearwater stores are longer, I will be happy to buy them if they cost more, as your stories are well worth reading.Please hurry and write the next book, as we are all waiting for some more Joe and Mia.
Thank you,
All I can tell you is your work is brilliant. John MacDonald would be proud. Keep it up!!!  I can’t say enough good things about your books. I’m well into the series and am enjoying every page. The way you move the characters through the stories is great. They seem almost real. Plus, you’ve given me whole new phrases to use in my daily conversations. I’m turning everyone I know onto these books. Please keep writing. PS:  you must do incredible research. I’m a cop and have not found a single error in weapons or procedure that I see in a lot of other authors.- Greg Martin
Brilliant! Couldn’t put it down, thanks – Catherine Cooke
What a riveting story with bouts of wry humor. Again Please. – Bruce
Excellent read with more twists and turns than a road through the mountains.Enjoyed every minute!- Kingstonbears

A really well written book. Loved it a bunch. Hope he does another soon.Maybe a series??? – Wa6ype

A truly fun read, great sense of humor and a good plot. I recommend this author with pleasure. – Evelyn

Excellent writing, fast paced, liked it a lot.  – Toerien

Gripping story, believable characters. Would definitely recommend.

Very well written. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  – Rachel Caldicott

Put my life on hold until I finished it. Great read! You live the character’s emotions and you can’t be sure of the outcome until the last page. – Charles Hough

Could not put it down – Alta De Lang


Enjoyable reading – a combination of a thriller and a love story – Pentii Grant

 A page turner from the beginning – Marykay Monson

Really enjoyed this book. Hard to put down and sorry to see it end.- Brenda Willway

If you like Jack Reacher then you’ll like this. I enjoyed this book very much. It was was well written and tense, with a dash of humor and kept me involved throughout.If it had been written by Lee Child, it would be an international bestseller.- Morris Kenyon.

I’m a frequent visitor to Clearwater Beach so this book jumped out at me. The author did a fantastic job and taking me to my usual haunts. Very well written and it held my attention right up to the end. A great read!- Brinda Arnold.

Good story. Moved quickly. Good end. More? I hope so.- Kathy Marquard.
I recently read “Clearwater Journals” by author Al Rennie. Having recently made my books available on, I searched around the site and read brief summaries of countless books by independent authors before stumbling upon “Clearwater Journals.” I downloaded the book and read it within a couple of days. It was one of those books that you just seem to have a hard time putting down once you start reading it.
Al Rennie does a great job developing the main character, Joe Holiday, and creating a bond between the character and the reader, something familiar that the reader can identify with. He did just as splendid a job with the character Mia, a young woman with a troubled past and not so clean a resume, shall we say. The story is fast paced and exciting and will keep you turning the pages.- The Ritter Files.

 I just finished Clearwater Danger, Predator and Extortion !!!!!! Sooooooo good !!! Was going to read another book I had waiting on my Kobo, but read the excerpt for Clearwater Killer and had to buy it right away. Going to start reading it right now ….. The excerpt said Joe was in Toronto for a funeral ….. It better not be Frank (I like Frank)!!       Cathy Galbraith

I really love this series of books. I even got my mom to read them. I think she has a readers crush on Max. I have read them all about 3 times and am glad some are coming out in print so I can get her to read them as well. – Molly

31 thoughts on “Reader’s Response.

  1. I just finisned “Clearwater Heat”, and can’t wait to see what happens, in the next book. Al, you are a dog for leaving us hanging, but, great series of books, have read all of then now! Which brings up the question, when are you going to let us off the hook for the next book?

    • Hi Dwight:

      It’s called cruel and unusual punishment. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I’m delighted that the series has found another reader. The next installment entitled Clearwater Kiss Off is due to be released in the middle of September. Everything is answered in that installment – well almost everything. Have a great weekend.

      Best Regards,


  2. Hi Al,
    We have enjoyed reading all of your books and just finished Clearwater Kiss Off. When is the next book in the Clearwater series going to come out? We hope the next one will be out soon! Keep writing as fast as you can:)

  3. Hi Al

    I discovered your work when looking for free downloads and read the first in the Clearwater series. I have now read all of the Clearwater books as well as the earlier books featuring Norm and Al. I have been reading crime novels since I was 10 (I’m 46 now) and I find your books hugely entertaining and well written! I am also astounded at the rate you publish the Clearwater books, but the quality doesn’t drop. Keep up the good work. Have we heard the last of Al and Norm or will they make a return sometime? On that subject why did you change the names of he eldest daughter and the retarded stable hand in the last book?

    Regards Warren Ridley (Morpeth, England)

  4. Hi Big Al. I ran into Jane today and she told me about your writing and her tragic year. I am so sad for all the she has had to deal with. I was thrilled to hear that you are writing. You inspired me to take English in university and I am an avid reader. I would love to read your books. Which is the first in the series.

  5. I just finished Clearwater Hunter – another fantastic book…I couldn’t put it down! Thank you, Al; I’m anxiously awaiting your next one!

  6. I have read all the Clearwater Series. Thoroughly enjoying them. Have them all saved on my I Pad. Anxiously awaiting the next installment. Keep up the wonderful work.

  7. Hi Al, Just sent you an email saying Joe and Mia have reached Englands green and pleasent shores and welcome they are too! Keep em coming bub! We limeys need a bit of florida sunshine as we have weather that can only be described as grey and dank! Cheers matey!

  8. Another great read!!! As a native of Peterborough and a Florida vacationer, I made sure to visit Cooter’s and Wings before leaving to come home this week. I’m sure it will give me a better visual for the next novel. :-). Keep them coming Al!!

  9. I just love this series and Clearwater Stake Out was great, Doc is truly a character, half genius, half idiot and half good samaritan(I realize that is three halves but he is definitely three dimensional). If you haven’t read this series and want to do so, start at the beginning. I recommend it to men and women, it has the ability to appeal to both sexes. Keep em coming, Al Rennie!!!!

  10. I just started reading “Clearwater Assault ” (that would be book #20 of the series). I have been so totally engrossed in this series that I failed to leave a review any earlier! I only started this series 3 weeks ago (I’m reading as fast as I can bubba!), and I just can’t put them down. I work as a nurse and while the conversation was about “man parts” I let everyone know that they can hang “one on top of the other for height”, or “one behind the other for speed”. Not a dry eye in the place! Thank you so much for writing Clearwater. It is an amazing series with intriguing characters and plots.

  11. This is the best series I have ever read! The Clearwater series has mystery, drama, romance, crime, and humor, Al always keeps us guessing. Clearwater Vice did not disappoint Al, I was just as surprised at the end as Joe was! Al Rennie kept me fooled through the whole book. I am waiting as patiently as possible for Clearwater Escape, hurry Al! I can’t wait to see how you are going to bring in the Holiday family and CHIPS into the next story! Great job as always BUBBA!!!!

  12. Sharon, thank you for your very kind words. They came at exactly the right time. I was beginning to worry that I had laid an egg with Vice, but I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. My confidence is restored. Escape is at the edit stage and should be ready for mid November … I hope.
    Take care and enjoy,

  13. Oh Al, you could never lay an egg, you are genius. I hope it will be ready by November too, you know I will be reading.

  14. I couldn’t put it down! Clearwater Escape is an amazing read. You took a gamble and it paid off, loved it! Congratulations Al and thank you for Joe and Mia, Max, Johnny, and Frank, never boring! I have just one question…..when will you be done writing the next one Bubba?

  15. Thank you Sharon. To tell the truth, I wasn’t certain how this one might be received. Take care … I am aiming the next one, Clearwater Bubba, for early 2016.

    • I will be watching and waiting for it. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Al! Thank you for the great stories!

  16. Hi Al,
    Just a quick comment on the Clearwater series and a thank you. First, I heard an ugly rumor that you were having some thoughts about ending the series by having something bad happen to Doc. Just remember that a guy named Doyle tried to get rid of his main character at the Reichenbach Falls and his readers refused to let ol’ Sherlock die. You have created Doc and you are stuck with him until you can no longer write – GOT IT?!?!?! It’s a great series and we all look forward to each update to the diary
    Now for the thank you. A while ago I corrected you on the spelling of our fine captain – Sidney Crosby (Since he’s from the fine country to the north even the Canadian spelling ain’t Crosbie bubba) So from a Pens fan to a Leafs fan – Thank You! For sending Phil Kessel to the Penguins. He fit right in and the defense of the cup is going very well so far this year


    • Hey Matt
      Thank you for writing. I hope Sydney is alright after the shot he took during the game tonight. I had thought about ending the series, but a lady named Ellen from Arkansas straightened me out real fast. I write until I can’t. Message received … To have my writing put in the same paragraph as a comparable to Sherlock’s creator is huge praise. I’m certain you didn’t mean it given that I am a Leaf fan and next year the cup will be ours. Good luck the rest of the way Pittsburgh dude and thank you for writing. I will sleep well knowing that someone in Pennsylvania has read my books.
      Take care and stay well,

  17. Hi Al,
    Absolutely love your books. I just started reading them and currently opened Clearwater Kiss Off. Am I a Canadian born and raised in Toronto and in 2011 purchased a condo in Clearwater to avoid Canadian winters. I feel like I’m living your books and not just reading them ! Thank you for that and keep writing. Could you settle a “friendly” discussion between my wife and I. We both have different views of Joe and Mia so my question to you is if your books were made into a movie who do you see playing Joe and Mia ? Cheers 🙂

    • Hey Fabia
      Thank you for taking the time to write. It is a real rush to read that someone else is enjoying my writing. In fact, I ran a contest last year to see who my readers thought might be the ideal Doc, Max and Mia. The winner who guessed what the majority went with in each of the three cases won paperback copies of their favorite episode. Mainly because Doc is Canadian, Ryan Reynolds and the actor who plays Castle (also Canadian) were first and second choices. Because of height and blonde, Reese Witherspoon was the clear choice for Mia although another short blond television actress was popular with the younger readers. I had never heard of her. For Max the winner was clearly Sam Elliott mainly because the Arkansas Sam Elliott fan club stuffed the ballot box.
      I can tell you now that we won’t be having that contest ever again. There was more mind changing and cheating going on than I would have ever thought possible.
      Many of my readers have suggested a television series. I love that idea. You are the first to suggest a movie. I will sleep with a smile on my face tonight.
      Again, thank you for writing. Enjoy Clearwater and if I’m ever able to get down there again, I’ll put a post on my website and invite you and your wife to meet me and Mrs. Al at Cooters for a Diet Pepsi on ice with lime.
      Take care and be safe,

  18. Nice … the second one is mine. After I replied I wondered who you and your wife cast as Joe and Mia. Share if you care to … have a great day! Al

    • Since you asked 🙂
      My choices are
      Joe : Hugh Jackman
      Mia : Christina Applegate
      Max : Vin Diesel
      My wife has
      Joe : Charlie Hunnam
      Mia : Kaley Cuoco
      Max : Vin Diesel (we agree on this one)
      What do you think about our choices ?

      • Boy … I had to think about those choices and I had to find out who Charlie Hunnam was. The VIn Diesel choice for Max lends a malice that can be Max. Kaley Cuoco would make a good Mia – she can do attitude, comedy and she would be the age. I didn’t check her height. I had trouble with Christina Applegate as she is in her late forties and Mia is years younger than Joe. The one that gave me more to think about was the choice of Hugh Jackman as Joe. He is a very good actor so the question came down to body type as it would relate to Mia. He’s what I call wirey … he’d get mashed playing football. Joe was a university quarterback. While he’s not Billy Ray – who many say is the ‘Rock’ Dwayne Johnson – Joe is six two and two hundred and five pounds.
        Anyway, it was fun to dream. Hope you continue to enjoy the series as it evolves. I know that I lost some of my readers as the relationship between Mia and Joe develops and their life evolves.
        Stay in touch and we’ll do the rounds of Diet Pepsi in Clearwater Beach someday.
        Take care and stay safe

  19. HI Al,
    It’s me again. I have to say that I am continuing along the Joe and Mia journey and am enjoying your books today as much as i did in the beginning. As I mentioned , I have a home in Clearwater so when I read your books they create a true picture and I can actually visualize myself there in Clearwater. Now I understand that there will always be anomalies. Not everything can be perfect but this little typo (at least I hope it was) can be considered borderline sacrilegious ! I am currently reading Clearwater Folly (Book 21) and a few pages into chapter 3 you write… “When the summer holidays had ended, our college guys, Dan and Lincoln, had returned to Florida State in Gainesville for round two”. Now any Floridian whether born and raised in Florida or even just visiting knows that Florida State in in Tallahassee and The University of Florida is in Gainesville. As a Canadian that would be the equivalent of saying the Maple Leafs play in Montreal and the Canadiens play in Toronto 🙂

    Enjoy your day Al and remember Diet Pepsi with lots of lime and lots of ice on me !!!

  20. Hi again and thank you for writing … I actually was aware of that error as a reader informed me that her son had graduated from Florida State and that she would never read another one of my books unless I went back and changed those pages … not as easily done as said … I believe it was one of those things like buying a Big Mac at Burger King … another sacrilegious – a little harsh – error not caught in the spelling and grammar editing process in one of my other titles. I am happy to read that you have taken my blunder in stride and even wished me a nice day and a Diet Pepsi. I assume that means that you will continue reading my work. The next time I am in the Clearwater area, the Diet Pepsi is on me.
    Just curious … how did the Clearwater area fare during Hurricane Irma?
    Take care and stay safe,
    PS The comment about the Leafs being located in Montreal really hurt!

    • Although I have a home in Clearwater I am and always will be a Canadian. So your little “faux pax” definitely caught my attention but never enough to stop me from enjoying your work.

      I was not in Florida during Irma but spoke to friends before, during and after the storm. Damage was minimal in my area (Cleveland and Fort Harrison) but the beach area suffered a little more. From what I hear and can see via webcams it seems everything is back to normal and the beach looks even better than before.

      Being a die hard Leaf fan for my entire life I almost broke out in a rash after I wrote that sentence !!!

      Ciao for now.

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