What Readers are Saying.

7 thoughts on “What Readers are Saying.

  1. Hi Al. I really love this series of books. I even got my mom to read them. I think she has a readers crush on Max. I have read them all about 3 times and am glad some are coming out in print so I can get her to read them as well.

  2. Hi, I have been a big fan since I discovered Joe and his family a few years ago. When I first began I could just order the next book as soon as I had finished the one I was reading, now I have to wait until the next one is written, weeks and weeks! So I have just spent the last fortnight (two weeks) rereading the entire series of 36 books back to back. Brilliant! I love the way Joe’s family interact, and how he juggles all the elements of his life. Keep it up Mr Rennie I will just have to manage until the next book comes out in July. I am hoping for at least 36 more and don’t you dare kill Joe or any of his nearest and dearest off.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to write. Ironically, I just received a newsletter from Smashwords that I expect will be more doom and gloom about the Indie publishing world. It is like a life line to hear from yet another reader who has enjoyed my work. Thank you! I will continue the Joe and Mia saga until I can’t. Have a fantastic weekend and thank you once again.
      Best Regards,

  3. Hi Al

    Just curious, when is “Clearwater Witness” going to be available on i books, please as it’s been out for a while on smashwords. ???

  4. Hi Lee
    Witness has been out for a few weeks now. I checked I-Books and it is listed there, so if you haven’t spotted it, please contact them and find out why. I have been surprised at how slowly ratings and comments have come in on that title, so if there is a problem, I would like to know about it. Thank you for taking the time to write. Have a great week!
    Clearwater Cowboy is the next one out and that will be around the Christmas season.

  5. Love the Clearwater Series…read them, re-read them and re-re-read them (just coined a new phrase)!
    Keep finding some thing that I missed the first go-round. Your cast seem more like people we personally know rather than characters an author creates. You keep writing, we’ll keep reading…..hopefully, Amazon will get their act together soon and Clearwater Trickery will be available….don’t know what their problem is!
    Getting a bit concerned about Max….he seems to be aging, hopefully he won t consider “retiring” any time soon…
    Stockpiling the print edition to keep as part of my permanent library….backup for ebooks…lol

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