Clearwater Confession

imageAnother great cover from Rita Toews. Thank you once again. This one will be available on September 30th. Pre-purchase is available from all the e-book retailers.


A rich man has lost his trophy wife; he wants her back. Doc is hired to find her and learns that the Russian mob might be involved. A teenage boy is arrested for the murder of his mom. Instead of calling a lawyer; he calls Joe. A rapper has a Cinderella moment that involves CHIPs. A lawyer in Calgary calls Doc to find the missing 23 year old son of his clients. It’s another crazy time in paradise.




Clearwater Deception

Clearwater De13319866_996908353755827_9078887654858917248_nception will be available for pre-purchase in the next 48 hours from all e-book retailers. The actual release date when it will land on digital readers, tablets and computers will be July 29. I hope all the Joe and Mia fans enjoy a fantastic summer. Take care and stay safe

CHIPs is hired to investigate the deaths of Tontine members; Mia is excited about a Joe idea; The FBI approach Doc with a scheme he wants to ignore; Ken Jackson arrives from Canada with a confession; Bob Morse has a problem; Billy Ray asks to be the good cop; there is a murder at the shelter; June Franklin has a theory about her foster family; Doc might be in more trouble; another romp in Paradise

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Clearwater Deception

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Thanks to all the Joe and Mia fans who pre-purchased Clearwater Penalty. Early reports indicate excellent sales during the first day the title was available. I should be back with another episode in late July or August. Best wishes for a safe long weekend holiday.

Clearwater Penalty


Clearwater Penalty will be available next Friday, May 20th. It is available as a paperback from Createspace  and Amazon right now and as an e-book from all the digital providers on the 20th. If you are likely to purchase it, please consider the pre-purchase option as it helps me make a small blip of the various Book Charts. All pre-purchases are credited to May 20th.

Clearwater Betrayal

Clea12747299_930890803690916_6610967405030676839_orwater Betrayal will be available for pre-purchase at all the e-book retailers except Kindle (Amazon) within the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. It will go on sale at Kindle on March 24th which is the actual date it will be released. If this book records good sales on the 24th, it may make a blip on the best seller charts thanks to all the Doc and Mia fans out there who support my writing habit.