Thank You

Thanks to all the Joe and Mia fans who pre-purchased Clearwater Penalty. Early reports indicate excellent sales during the first day the title was available. I should be back with another episode in late July or August. Best wishes for a safe long weekend holiday.

Clearwater Penalty


Clearwater Penalty will be available next Friday, May 20th. It is available as a paperback from Createspace  and Amazon right now and as an e-book from all the digital providers on the 20th. If you are likely to purchase it, please consider the pre-purchase option as it helps me make a small blip of the various Book Charts. All pre-purchases are credited to May 20th.

Clearwater Betrayal

Clea12747299_930890803690916_6610967405030676839_orwater Betrayal will be available for pre-purchase at all the e-book retailers except Kindle (Amazon) within the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. It will go on sale at Kindle on March 24th which is the actual date it will be released. If this book records good sales on the 24th, it may make a blip on the best seller charts thanks to all the Doc and Mia fans out there who support my writing habit.


I would like to thank all the Joe and Mia readers who supported my shot at literary greatness on the Best Seller charts by purchasing their copy of Clearwater Bubba as a pre-purchase or on February 12th. There were one or two problems with Barnes and Noble but I did break their top 500 list which, given the genre and the fact that no matter how you cut it, I am an indie writer, was an achievement. Further to that, I can report that Kobo sales went up 67%: B&N up 18%: I-Books up 23% and I sold 30 Bubba books on Kindle.

Once again, thank you for all of your support. I only hope you feel that it was worthwhile and that you enjoy the book. A few readers reported waiting for their download until midnight and then one or two of them read it until four or five in the morning. One committed Joe and Mia fan, Bearknoll, finished the book and wrote a very kind and generous assessment on I-Books which you can read if the spirit moves you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I have a close friend who also self-publishes.
She signed up with a company that promised
To get her on a best seller list.  What they did,
and had her do, was email everyone they could
and have them buy her book on the exact same
day.  She got to #14 on the NY Times best seller
list.  She had head honchos from Amazpn and
Barnes & Noble calling repeatedly to find out
what she did, but she didn’t tell.



At the suggestion of my newest editor, Sue Ross and Mark Coker, owner of Smashwords, I am going to attempt to make a momentary impression on the literary world that measures success by their Best Seller List. I am asking everyone who intends to buy a copy of Clearwater Bubba (to be released on February 12, 2016) to make their purchase on that date or before as a pre-purchase so that it will seem as if the world has been waiting on my next offering.

The task is monumental unless I lie and report that this book is a Sexy Romance rather than a Humorous Crime Fiction Mystery Thriller Whatever. Romances regularly trump just about every other kind of fiction written. Some say, ‘the sexier the better!’

If you feel like you might like to be a part of this conspiracy, please tell any of your reader friends, who might have expressed some interest in reading one of my titles, that this is the one and on or before February 12th buying Bubba is the way to do it. In case you have more money than sense and wish to help even more by purchasing multiple copies on a single tablet … don’t. I would only get credit for a single sale anyway.

I will be posting this on my website and on Face-book and Twitter to rally support and provide additional background rationale should you not be convinced. If we even make a small blip, I promise to announce yet another grand contest within the next month.

I would like to thank everyone who pitches in to help. I will continue to write stories for as long as I enjoy the process regardless of the result.

Take care and be safe,

Al Rennie