Clearwater Seduction ebooks

Clearwater Seduction will be available from the various ebook retail outlets sometime today or tomorrow.

A person from Doc’s past needs help; Mrs. F gets some good news; Billy and Joe do a triple A serve: Robb Pogue asks Joe to review a cold case file; a fourteen year old girl runs away from home and her parents want her back; Sonny Two Hearts hears of a job he’d like to be assigned to!; Bob Morse is looking at a divorce; June Franklin needs Joe’s help stopping a foster son from stalking a foster mom. Another romp in paradise!



Clearwater Kidnap

A young woman has been kidnapped while driving to work; Joe is identified by the kidnappers as the bag man for the exchange of 2.5 M ransom demand; Is he being set up? Billy Ray is in trouble with the court; Joe is asked to sort out a jilted suitor who wants back everything he gave his girlfriend or the cash equivalent of forty grand; Little Billy asks Joe what a ‘twerk’ is; Luke wants to talk to Doc about his job; It’s another weird romp in paradise …

Note:Kidnap is going to Smashwords today for release to the digital distributors sometime during the next 72 hours. If you can’t wait, you can buy it directly from Smashwords. Hope you enjoy this one

Clearwater Flip Flop


June Franklin asks Joe to find a runaway girl; Billy Ray is looking for a missing witness; Robb Pogue wants CHIPs to undertake a case review of a past kidnapping; the McIntyre twins visit Frank; Big Mac has a gift for Doc; a ripped off arts student asks Joe for help; the parents of a teen who overdosed ask Joe to find the dealer; there is a shoot out at Kidd’s Gun Shop; Another week in paradise!


Clearwater Flip Flop has been sent off to Kindle and Smashwords. It will be available from Smashwords almost immediately. It will be for sale from Kobo, B&N and I-Books sometime in the next two weeks and from Kindle in the next week. Sorry I cannot be more specific. Amazon had bought out CreateSpace, so I will not be going to the expense of creating a paperback for this title.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you Joe and Mia readers.


Clearwater Gun Thug: Coming Sept 15th

gunthugfinal.jpgMia is away at a conference; the kids are at summer camp in Canada; Joe is ‘batching’ it and looking forward to a quiet weekend; That free time is interrupted when a woman asks Joe to find her sister’s killer who has been released on probation but is this a trap set up to take Joe down? McAdoo complicates life further when he asks Joe to do due diligence on his niece’s fiancé. And Morse’s legal assistant is being stalked again. So much for a peaceful weekend in paradise …


Clearwater Retirement coming soon

Joe has retired … right up until Big Mac has a job for him to do. One that he can’t refuse. Jeremy suspects that Lisa might be cheating on him and asks Joe to find out for certain. A new client fears that her adult son is being scammed by a ‘gold digger’ and wants Joe to wreck the relationship. A town bully needs to be sorted out. Joe and Mia go dancing at Big Mac’s club. Stevie helps Doc track down a monster. Another romp in Paradise!

This book will be available sometime during the weekend following this Valentines Day.