Clearwater Predator.


Spring Break in Clearwater Beach – college kids are everywhere and so is a predator – Joe gets an offer he can’t refuse – Mia is up for a career change – Billy goes to the race track – Jeremy and Ida May get a new mega computer and access to a data centre – Frankie has major debt problems with some nasty loan sharks – Joey has lost his wife — again – Frank gets ready for the Olympics – in his dreams and Doug teaches Doc how to crawl through mud – another romp in Paradise!

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“I just finished Clearwater Predator, and I thought it was really great. I hope you have another adventure with Doc and his great crew coming soon. Without giving away anything to your other readers, there are lots of things I can’t wait to find out about in your next book(s). I have read all of your Clearwater books, and have loved each one and wait anxiously for the next to be published. Oh, and thank you so much for making Clearwater Predator a little longer just for me. . . Thanks too for sharing your great imagination and writing skills with us.” Merle

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