12 thoughts on “Clearwater Pictures.

  1. Great pictures Al. It’s no wonder you love this place so much. Looks like just the kind of place to go for some long overdue R&R. Nice!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I’m stuck “up north” in the cold winter and snow. Having grown up living right on the beach, these pictures make me so homesick and nostalgic. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your new website and all the pictures, especially the one with all the umbrellas and chairs because I would love to sit in one for a couple of weeks. Lol
    Great job Al, as always patiently waiting for your next book. 📚
    Thanks Bonnie Walston

  4. Bought the 1st one for my I Pad and have not stopped reading everyone that follows. But then I live in CWB so it is like watching a show of home with interesting characters. Cooters all you can eat snow crab needs a place in a story. Love the books. Any chance of a pilot for TV?

  5. Love the pictures, I know where a lot of them are. I am here about once a month and love the place. Do you stay here sometimes?

  6. I am re-reading the entire series and hope to be finished by the time, tomorrow, the new episode comes out. Thanks so much for sharing your talent. That’s al the time I have for chit-chat. I’ve got reading to do.

  7. I did it ! I did it! Read entire series twice, starting with Journal and ending with Doublecross! Now where, oh where is Vice? I mean other then the human perpetrators of vice, I mean your sue to be exciting book. Two more hours.

  8. Love your pictures as well as your books. I live in Orlando and just want to thank you for renewing my love affair with Clearwater and St. Pete. Until I found your books I had forgotten how much I loved and missed the place. I often drive my family nuts doing what they fondly call the “Al Rennie Tour” visiting all the wonderful restaurants and other locations mentioned in your books.

  9. I love seeing pics of the places mentioned in your books. It helps me to visualize things even better. I read Clearwater Journals in Sept 2015. After reading your books in order, I just finished reading Clearwater Hunter. Al, you are a truly talented author. Your books are addictive. I can’t wait to read the next one. Keep them coming, Al.

  10. Just another hooked reader. Love your humor, bubba. And your Joe vs. Mia, duh! Can we class ne him? Need more guys with great sense of humor who can handle women and kids too! Have read the series to Hunter. They great relax at bedtime! Thanks for all your hand work. Oh, what’s happened to the blonde jokes!

    • Great to hear from you and happy that you are enjoying the books. The blonde jokes return with a few lawyer ones thrown in for fun. Have a great Easter weekend. Take care and be safe! Al

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