Clearwater Heat.

Heat4 copy (1)
Coop and Joe are the new ‘go to’ investigators for Bob Morse. They are asked to find any mitigating circumstances in an arson, manslaughter charge against Morse’s client. The wierd part is that the accused continues to claim his innocence and expects help from an unexpected source. Meanwhile Mia, has some important staggering news to give Joe. And Rosalie asks Doc for a favor that almost kills her
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4 thoughts on “Clearwater Heat.

  1. Allright you freshwater immigrant “Tronno” transplant now you’ve got me hooked after “Heat”. I’m powerless over “Clearwater Crack”!

  2. Wow another really great book by Al Rennie. Can’t say I’m surprised though as every one I’ve read so far is amazing. I am absolutely hooked on this Clearwater series. I hope he intends to keep writing them as there seems to be a lot of us out here who are big fans of Joe and Mia!! I would highly recommend Al Rennie’s books to anyone who is looking for a fun and interesting series to read. Already downloaded and looking forward to his next book in line, “Clearwater Kissoff”.

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