Shortly Vengeanceafter he returns from his holiday in Los Angeles (see L.A. Escape) Al is trying to get back into the routine of his life in Riverview. Late one night he receives a disturbing phone call. The message is given quickly – your daughter has just been arrested for the murder of her supervisor at the Children’s Service Agency. Al hires a rapidly rising criminal lawyer from Toronto on the condition that she accepts as part of the defence team his investigator, Norm, an unorthodox ex-cop from L.A. The lawyer resists but the money is too good to refuse. Such a high profile case and its incumbent publicity will establish her rep. Almost immediately, it is apparent that there are some very dark perverted forces at work in the Riverview area. When the supervisor’s wife is also murdered, the investigation takes on a new and dangerous direction. The future of Al’s daughter pivots on the ability of Norm to find

a young girl he believes may have run away to Toronto.
Time is running out when…
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