Blessed are the Children

Blessed are the children.When two high school girls set out to establish their reputations within Riverview Secondary School, they trip into the clutches of big city predators and simply disappear. The local police investigation has hit a wall. Public concern and outrage mount. This same thing has been happening in other small towns surrounding the metro area with police investigations reaching the same unsatisfactory result. There is no trace of the missing kids and there are no dead bodies. Acting deputy chief Ken Jackson is desperate when he approaches Al with a personally dangerous proposition entirely outside any known police protocol. Al agrees to ask Norm, his ex-cop friend from L.A., to work with him in an effort to shut down these vicious crimes. Assistance comes from a strange quarter. Jimmy Fair is a dying biker who – when he isn’t in jail – occasionally works for Al. He offers to help. He can go where even the deepest undercover cop can’t – and he does. The result …

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