L.A Escape

L.A EscapeA wealthy Canadian has fatally shot someone and is about to be charged. He needs legal assistance, and because he is wealthy, he can afford the best. The bulk of the novel is the story the Canadian tells his two lawyers before they have to go before a judge. The inciting force is the desperate attempt by the protagonist to re-capture the happiness he shared with his wife who had been killed five months earlier. By chance, he has seen the exact image of his wife – in her twenties – in a current film. He needs to find this actress who so much resembles a younger version of his lost wife. He is desperate. He heads to Los Angeles in the belief that he can locate this mystery woman. He fails. He hires a private investigator with the proviso that they work together. Success – a few days later he meets Barbara, the image of his wife in her late twenties. A financial arrangement is struck. They spend an idyllic two days together and then Barbara is found dead. Once again he needs the detective, this time to help him find a killer as he now has become a “person of interest” to the L.A.P.D. The death of Barbara is merely the start of an intrigue that contains blackmail, drugs and murder.

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