Clearwater Oops.

Joe has a new car; Mia finds a body in one of her condos; Sean’s mom is still crazy but wants him back; a social worker asks Joe to help find some missing kids; Eliza is about to lose it all; Flash gets a new friend; Bob Morse believes that his wife is cheating on him; Doug takes a step towards sainthood; Janille and Marissa move into their new home; and Joe gets a gift. Another romp in Paradise!
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“Babe, call the hospital. I’ve gone blind. Everything is so dark…” Cracked me up!!! Just finished Oops and again you hit it out of the park-grand salami, best of the best!!! Rock on Rennie!!
Debby Charles
Just when I thought it was over by reading Killer, you surprised me with another. Great job!!!  I’m enjoying this series more than any I’ve read in years. I’m turning as many people as possible to it, and they all seem to be hooked. Please keep writing, and fast.
Best wishes and warmest regards,
Greg Martin

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