Clearwater Series.

Clearwater Journals

Clearwater Diaries

Clearwater Ambush

Clearwater Abduction

Clearwater Heat

Clearwater Kiss Off

Clearwater Showdown

Clearwater Magic

Clearwater Intrigue

Clearwater Danger

Clearwater Predator

Clearwater Extortion

Clearwater Killer

Clearwater Oops!

Clearwater Crazy

Clearwater Undercover

Clearwater Hunter

Clearwater Justice

Clearwater Skip Trace

Clearwater Assault

Clearwater Folly

Clearwater Homesick

Clearwater Hustle

Clearwater Stakeout

Clearwater Fit

Clearwater Double Cross

Clearwater Vice

Clearwater Escape

Clearwater Bubba

Clearwater Betrayal

Clearwater Penalty

Next in the series:

Clearwater Deception

38 thoughts on “Clearwater Series.

  1. I have read books 1-10 so far and love them, can’t wait to order the next ones. I am from the area they are written about and can identify with it. Al makes it seem so real and keeps you guessing on what will happen next. Love their series and the author

  2. Just finished reading Clearwater escape and can’t wait for more. They are all great books that you don’t want to put down

  3. Al, can you please update the list of Clearwater series on this website. Love them all. I have read up to Clearwater Escape, but don’t know if I have missed any. What comes after. I have preordered Clearwater Penalty. Have I missed one or two. Regards

    • Thank you for writing Ray. I guess my website is due for an upgrade or major review. Actually, between Escape and Penalty there are two titles. Bubba came out after Escape and Betrayal followed it. Penalty will be out on May 20th. Currently, I am working on one called Seduction. I am hoping that it is ready by sometime in July. Again, thank you for writing. I will try to get on that website clean up detail. Have a great weekend. Take care and stay safe. Al

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  5. I have read all the 30 books in the series, and enjoyed them so much. Can’t wait for the next one, keep writing for a long time.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write. So happy to learn that there is someone else following the Mia and Doc adventures. Be safe and take care.

  6. Love your books. Just finished number twenty two and have already downloaded number twenty three. I have a hard time putting them down. A good thing that I am retired or I would never get anything done.

    • Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to write. It is always a good feeling to know that someone else is reading and enjoying my work. Have a great week … take care and stay safe.

  7. I too am from Toronto, and now live outside of Bobcaygeon. I have stayed at Treasure Island and trolleyed, walked Clearwater beach. I have become hung up on Anna Maria Island, and go there now. I just wanted to tell Joe he should try The Middle Grounds on Treasure Island for a really good steak some night. Unless he is not a steak lover. I often look up the places Joe goes as it is fun to remind myself of his stomping grounds.
    I am trying to make myself go slow reading your books, but it is hard. I am just starting Clearwater Danger, and have downloaded 3 more. I am happy a have a few years yet to buy.
    Thank you Al, your books are always an enjoyable read.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write. It is always a good feeling to know that others are reading my work and enjoying it. Have a great weekend. The rumour is that we will see spring sometime before July.
      Take care and be safe,

  8. Hi Al,

    My Dad is reading your books in order. He read Clearwater Homesick & then Clearwater Hustle, he says it feels like he missed a book because in Clearwater Hustle Maya & Joe were married yet weren’t married in Homesick. Which book did they get married in? Thanks!

    P.S. He is loving your books!


    • Hi Liz
      Thank you for writing. I always love to read that someone is enjoying my books. What a boost! I have faced this wedding ceremony question before. The actual wedding is not described in any of the books although there is a flashback to the event to explain why Mia is so displeased with Frank. The wedding took place in Las Vegas at a pay as you go wedding chapel. The glitch came when Frank could not produce the wedding ring. He had lost it. If your dad continues to read the series, and I hope he does, he will come across the reference to it.
      Again, thank you for writing. Say ‘hi’ to your dad for me.
      Take care and be safe

      • Thanks so much for getting back us Al!

        My Dad says that he will most definitely finish the rest of the series!

        Thanks again

        Take care


  9. You are correct … this one is about ten thousand words longer. Let me know what you think. And thank you for being such a dedicated Mia and Joe fan. I am always delighted to learn that the series still has legs. It is out in paperback right now from Createspace and next Friday, May12th as an e-book.
    Be safe and take care and thanks for writing.

  10. Your Clearwater series is Awesome! I have devoured all of them right up to and including Deception, which are the ones you list above, but I just found 5 more on Kobo but I don’t know what order to read them in. 😦 I found Glitz, Nemesis, Confessions, Promises and Mirage. I don’t want to read them out of order. Please help Al!

    • Thank you for writing … it’s always a great day when I find out someone else is enjoying my work. The order of books is: Confession, Promises, Nemesis, Glitz and Mirage. My latest title will be out later this week. It is called Witness. Have a great weekend and thank you for being a Mia and Joe fan.
      Take care and stay safe,

  11. Hi Al,
    Another satisfied Joe-follower, this one from Australia! I love the books to bits and tell all my friends. Now, I’m not nagging you, but gently wondering when or if Cowboy is out? I’m hooked. Thank you for this brilliant series. Like many others I want Joe, Mia and the gang to go on for about another 50 years! Hard work for you I guess but great fun for your many fans.
    Stay safe and well,

    • Thank you for writing to me Margot. It is always a nice surprise to read that someone from anywhere is enjoying my work. The quick answer to your question about Clearwater Cowboy in – by the end of November. At least that’s the plan. After Cowboy there will be other titles, but they will come at a slower pace and fifty years worth might be a tough one to do.
      Again, thank you for your e-mail and I hope you continue to enjoy the future titles in the Clearwater Series.
      Stay safe and take care,

  12. I’m just 1/2 way through Clearwater Justice. I have bought all through IBooks and read on my IPad. I did not see this many listed. Did you stop listing with IBooks or am I missing them somehow? Love the books as I love the beach. I keep telling myself one day, but thanks to the great reads I will make it happen; one way or another.
    Best Wishes, Amy.

    • Thank you for writing. You should be able to find forty titles so far as ‘The Clearwater Series’ and four more titles that form ‘The Riverview Series’. If you can’t access any titles, follow the contact section and I-books will help you. If you are still having problems, contact me again and I’ll reach out Smashwords for assistance. Happy that you are enjoying the books and thinking about the beach. Clearwater Beach is my idea of paradise … just bring your money. It wasn’t always like that. There used to be a lot of mom and pop operations and life there was more simple and certainly much less expensive.
      Be safe and take care

  13. I can’t seem to be able to download any more clearwater books after homesick on itunes book app. Can you help me? I love all I’ve read so far and want to see through to the last one. Many thanks from a very avid reader.

    • Hey Mark … That’s a stumper. To the best of my knowledge, all of the titles are available as I-books. I will make an inquiry via Smashwords, but I believe an e-mail from you to I-books will be more productive. I have never come across this kind of problem before, so I am a bit lost as to how to move forward. If I do get anything from Smashwords, I will let you know. Thank you for being a Mia and Doc reader. Have a great week … Al

    • Hi again Mark … I wrote to Smashwords and they claim that I didn’t indicate that the books after Hustle were part of a series. I think I have addressed that problem but a computer techie I am not. If you continue to have problems downloading titles, please contact me again. You might also just enter my name on I-books search and get all the titles I have written. Good luck and let me know how you do … Al

      • Thank you, Mr. Rennie, for getting back so quickly. I will look for the individual titles on ibooks. I hope they have them. I am a big fan and avid reader as I mentioned earlier. I guess I’ll have to “give my head a shake, bubba”. lol

        Thank you again, sir. Your books are a joy to read. I can’t wait to download them all, if I can. Hope I can get to Florida to see Clearwater for myself some day.

  14. Hi Mark
    My conrtact at Smashwords did say that it might take I-books a few days to update their listings.
    If you do get to Clearwater take money … it has become a fairly expensive place to visit but, to me, it is always worth it. For what it is worth, if you don’t like crowds, try November. That is the off season so the prices are lower and the people are fewer.
    Thanks again for being a Doc and Mia fan. Have a great week,

    • I am back on the Clearwater series! Thank you again Mr. Rennie for all your help. I used your suggestion to search for each book, then download. Worked like a charm. I can now continue the Doc and Mia story thanks to you. And as for your visiting Clearwater in November, that sounds good. Less people and a little bit easier on the wallet (hopefully, lol).
      I also wanted to thank you for writing such riveting books. It is so hard to put my iPad down at the end of the day. The story line is amazing. I can just see Mia giving Doc the “duh” look, and see Max’s lip twitch for a “smile”. And Max’s famous line, “How do you get into these dipshit deals?”

      Take care Mr. Rennie. Thank you for your books and good advice. Have a day!

  15. Thanks for writing. I’m pleased that we were able to get I-books sorted out. I am also pleased to read that you are enjoying the books. You certainly have some of the characters down – Max and Mia …
    Take care and write again
    Take care

  16. I just finished Clearwater Seduction. I believe that means I’ve read them all. I know it means I’ve enjoyed them all. I enjoy reading a series of books that have the same characters. It’s nice to meet new ones along the way. It will be interesting to see what happens with Penny. Also, to learn how Karen will fit into the Joe and Mia world. Lastly, thank you for not completely closing the door on Josie. How tough is it to learn you have a child you’ve never met, and then not be able to find her? Something to look forward too, eh Bubba.

    • Thanks for writing John. It is a great feeling to know that there are people out there who enjoy my writing. The next episode is called Clearwater Rescue and the story of Karen moves forward. Have a great week … and again thanks for your support … Al

  17. Hello Mr. Rennie. I am currently reading Clearwater Gun Thug. While reading, I see that you show Frank and Donna on their honeymoon. Did I miss reading the book where they got married? If I did, please tell me the title so I may purchase it. Thank you.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your books. I wanted to personally thank you for all that you have written for your readers. I lost my wife on February, 13, 2019, and now read at nights before bed to try to maintain my sanity. When you lose your spouse of 33 1/2 years, one tends to get lost in life. Your books help me get out of my head for a while, and that’s a good thing. One day at a time, I guess.

    Thank you, Mr. Rennie, for sharing your talents, and for listening…..

    • Hey Mark
      No … the Donna Frank wedding just sort of snuck on by … likely because I knew it wasn’t going to last. I’m sorry for your great loss. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my wife. In fact I worry about that whenever she has to drive to Toronto. We were both lucky enough to find the one person who made it all work. I hope you can continue to find some escape in the distraction of reading. I knew there must be a reason for writing all of those books. Please feel free to write again if that helps.
      Thank you for taking the time to write. Any boost in confidence is always welcome … I’ll send some positive thoughts your way as I’m writing today.
      Take care and stay safe,

  18. Hi,
    I really love your books!! They are so well written, funny and easy to read. I am having a hard time to keep up on new arrivals though as the list on here is not updated and when I search for your name in iBooks nothing shows.
    Pleas keep up with the writing! I promise to buy every single one as I have done so far 🙂

    • Hey Terje …
      Happy to read that you are enjoying my books … Sorry to read you don’t have a full list of titles. You can Bing or Google me to get all of the titles but not necessarily in order. I believe that you can also get the chronological list from the first few pages of all my books. In any case, if you let me know which episode was the last one you read, and I can send you the next four or five titles. Hope that helps.
      Have a great weekend
      Take care and be safe and again, thanks for writing,

  19. I just finished Clearwater Birthday and I must say, it is one of my favourites. Great story but I absolutely loved the ending. It was a real feel good book. I am still smiling…and so happy for Marianna👍

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