7 thoughts on “Clearwater Rescue Now on Amazon

    • Hey Bonnie … sorry for the delay getting back to you … Rescue is the latest title out. I released it maybe four weeks ago. You might have missed it. I know how busy life can get. Thanks for being among the first few to check out my new Facebook site – Al Rennie Indie Author. Maybe at the end of the thirty day experiment the group doing the marketing strategy will make that pat of my life easier. Enjoy the rest of your summer
      Take care and be safe

  1. Love, love, love the Clearwater series! Everything stops here when one of your books is released…..you’ve even turned me on to Spider Solitair…unfortinately, like Joe, I keep getting interrupted! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Great to hear from you, Tica … Yeah, watch that Spider Solitaire … It’s addictive. So great that you are still enjoying my books after all this time. I believe that this is the 49th episode and I still really enjoy writing them.
    Hope all is great with you
    Take care and be safe

  3. Love this series about my hometown! Will you please list the chronological order after Clearwater Journals…want to read in order to keep up with Joe and Mia. Thanks!

    • Hey Alice … Thank you for writing and for being a Doc and Mia fan. If you look in the first pages of any of the episodes, you will find the order the books were released. If, for whatever reason that page does not appear, you could re-visit my website alrennie.com and find the sequencing there or you can Google or Bing my name for the correct sequence.
      I hope that helps and once again, thank you for taking the time to write.
      Have a great weekend

    • This is the Clearwater Series in the sequence that the titles were written. Sorry I didn’t send it when you asked.

      1) Clearwater Journals
      2) Clearwater Diaries
      3) Clearwater Ambush
      4) Clearwater Abduction
      5) Clearwater Heat
      6) Clearwater Kiss Off
      7) Clearwater Showdown
      8) Clearwater Magic
      9) Clearwater Intrigue
      10) Clearwater Danger
      11) Clearwater Predator
      12) Clearwater Extortion
      13) Clearwater Killer
      14) Clearwater Oops!
      15) Clearwater Crazy
      16) Clearwater Undercover
      17) Clearwater Hunter
      18) Clearwater Justice
      19) Clearwater Skip Trace
      20) Clearwater Assault
      21) Clearwater Folly
      22) Clearwater Homesick
      23) Clearwater Hustle
      24) Clearwater Stakeout
      25) Clearwater Fit
      26) Clearwater Double Cross
      27) Clearwater Vice
      28) Clearwater Escape
      29) Clearwater Bubba
      30) Clearwater Betrayal
      31) Clearwater Penalty
      32) Clearwater Deception
      33) Clearwater Confession
      34) Clearwater Promises
      35) Clearwater Nemesis
      36) Clearwater Glitz
      37) Clearwater Mirage
      38) Clearwater Witness
      39) Clearwater Cowboy
      40) Clearwater Retirement
      41) Clearwater Spring Break
      42) Clearwater Gun Thug
      43) Clearwater Flip Flop
      44) Clearwater Kidnap
      45) Clearwater Seduction
      46) Clearwater Rescue

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