Clearwater Seduction ebooks

Clearwater Seduction will be available from the various ebook retail outlets sometime today or tomorrow.

A person from Doc’s past needs help; Mrs. F gets some good news; Billy and Joe do a triple A serve: Robb Pogue asks Joe to review a cold case file; a fourteen year old girl runs away from home and her parents want her back; Sonny Two Hearts hears of a job he’d like to be assigned to!; Bob Morse is looking at a divorce; June Franklin needs Joe’s help stopping a foster son from stalking a foster mom. Another romp in paradise!



6 thoughts on “Clearwater Seduction ebooks

    • Yeah, this happened because I have great editors. I didn’t expect to put it out until Mid- May. Hope you are well and enjoying the first signs of spring.
      Try to stay out of trouble
      Take care

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