Clearwater Spring Break is now available

Clearwater Spring Break is now available from Smashwords and all digital retailers as well as from CreateSpace as a paperback … For all you Doc and Mia readers … enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Clearwater Spring Break is now available

  1. Al Rennie is a Master Storyteller!

    I try to read his books slowly, I do, but the twists and turns are so intense. I do not know how he comes up with all of these ideas, but they are so good and the sub plots move in and out of the main plot so effortlessly. The main characters are like family, every time you read a new installment it is like catching up in their lives. The new characters usually start out with questionable motives, but Joe always finds a redeeming quality to them and sees the individual. He helps more people than he puts away.
    The Clearwater series is funny, heartwarming, action packed, and has great mystery. Clearwater Spring Break is filled with all of the wonderful things that makes Mr. Rennie’s series so great and he brought even more of the main characters into this one. Al, Max is one of my favorites and I am so happy to have had a good visit with him.

  2. I just finished Clearwater Spring Break late last night and it’s another winner!!! One of my favorite aspects of Al Rennie’s books is Doc’s ability to see justice accomplished in unique and wonderful ways. This is ably illustrated in Clearwater Spring Break and the good guys triumph, although not exactly as planned. A new release in my favorite series is always cause for celebration and some lost sleep, but there is no better reason for both! Thanks, Al and please keep them coming!!!

  3. Thank you for being such a staunch Joe and Mia fan. So glad to read that you enjoyed Spring Break. I am working on one called Clearwater Gun Thug. I hope to have it ready in September. Have a great weekend.

  4. Al. After blasting through the whole series I took a break for a few months. Spring Break was a great welcome back I only hope there are many more to come. Just downloaded Gun Thug can’t wait to dive in. Thank you for the many great adventures.

    • Hey Jesse – It’s always great to hear from a Mia and Doc reader. Thanks for taking the time to write. Welcome back! I hope you enjoy reading Gun Thug as much as I enjoyed writing it.
      Have a great week

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