Clearwater Retirement coming soon

Joe has retired … right up until Big Mac has a job for him to do. One that he can’t refuse. Jeremy suspects that Lisa might be cheating on him and asks Joe to find out for certain. A new client fears that her adult son is being scammed by a ‘gold digger’ and wants Joe to wreck the relationship. A town bully needs to be sorted out. Joe and Mia go dancing at Big Mac’s club. Stevie helps Doc track down a monster. Another romp in Paradise!

This book will be available sometime during the weekend following this Valentines Day.

4 thoughts on “Clearwater Retirement coming soon

  1. Hi Al

    As per usual…..looking forward to the next instalment….. actually we fly out of New Orleans tomorrow morning to Fort Lauderdale for a week then Orlando for 2 weeks, hoping some time to get to Clearwater as having read all your books at least twice….feel I know the place & would like to see it for myself…

    Hope the title of this next book isn’t a subtle hint that Joe & Mia are coming to a close…..

    Trust your health challenges are on the improve…


  2. Thrilled to see another book.on the horizon! I couldn’t imagine saying goodbye to the Clearwater crew.Thank you, Al!

  3. Have read all of the Clearwater series and am glad to see it continue. But health comes first and I hope you’re doing well Al. Take care.

    • Thanks Ed …. I am doing much better. I found out that I get bored when I’m not writing, so I guess until I can’t, I will. You too … stay safe and take care.

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