Clearwater Mirage Now Available

Clearwater Mirage is available today as a paperback at Createspace and Amazon. It will also be on sale as an e-book from all digital retailers by the weekend. Have a great summer.


6 thoughts on “Clearwater Mirage Now Available

  1. Thank you Al Rennie, I can’t wait!! I have read most of your books and just love them, they have become family members this summer. Keep writing those good books.

  2. Hey Venida – Thank you for writing me. I always get a warm feeling when I read that someone else has enjoyed my writing. I expected that Mirage to be out today on all the e-book sellers. I know it is available on Kindle and I expect the Smashwords outlets (I-Books, B&N, Kobo) will have it out shortly.
    Have a great summer, and I hope, enjoy another episode of Mia and Joe.
    Take care and be safe,

  3. Just finished Clearwater Mirage and thoroughly enjoyed the destruction of the Aryan Brotherhood. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group! Thanks for helping me enjoy besting the heat in my air conditioned family room in my lounge chair while sharing the adventures of Doc and the gang. Can’t wait for Clearwater Witness.

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