Clearwater Confession

imageAnother great cover from Rita Toews. Thank you once again. This one will be available on September 30th. Pre-purchase is available from all the e-book retailers.


A rich man has lost his trophy wife; he wants her back. Doc is hired to find her and learns that the Russian mob might be involved. A teenage boy is arrested for the murder of his mom. Instead of calling a lawyer; he calls Joe. A rapper has a Cinderella moment that involves CHIPs. A lawyer in Calgary calls Doc to find the missing 23 year old son of his clients. It’s another crazy time in paradise.



10 thoughts on “Clearwater Confession

  1. Another big red circle on the calendar for the next release date!
    Enjoy the adventures of Joe and his crew…..a good “read”, makes you feel you’re right there on Clearwaters Sandy shore with them….keep ’em conning!

  2. Thanks Dory … four of my editors claim they really, really, love this one . ‘may be the best of them’. (And that’s a tough crew to please – believe me!) Hope you enjoy it as well. Take care and be safe …

  3. Hope you’re putting the finishing touches on it while spending what’s left of the summer up north….if not, batten down the hatches so Joe and crew don’t get sidelined with the hurricane damage…..always can be written in the next book….stay safe!

  4. I hope you can stay safe, Dory. It sounds as if you guys took a real hit. It is too late to use the hurricane now, but perhaps I can use it in Promises, the one I am working on. (Clearwater Confession went off to the formatters on Thursday.)
    Please take care and try to stay safe. I’ll be thinking of you.

  5. Another hit….but I would expect nothing less. Who is so happy when they pre-order a Rennie book and wake up and it’s in your library.? This girl…………..Thanks Al

  6. I just finished Clearwater Confession and could not put it down. The best one by far.!!!!! I see you are busy writing the next one, Promises, and not to hurry you along, but…………..I’m waiting!!!!!!!! Cindyb

    • Thank you for taking the time to write. Always great to read that someone else has enjoyed one of my books. Have a great day. Take care and be safe … Al

  7. Thank You Mr. Rennie!

    I am always so excited to pre-order my books from you, Clearwater Confessions did not disappoint! I have to tell you that this series is the only series that I can read the book in a day and a half because it is so hard to put down. I have to force myself to slow down and savor every word. My husband says, ‘lets take a trip to Canada, eh”? I love the story line of how Joe and Mia build their little, or should I say big family. The story line of Mrs. F and Ken Jackson had me on edge, but I love the riding in and shooting Joe’s way in to rescue them. I will be impatiently awaiting for your next installment of Joe and Mia.
    Thanks Bubba and my B&N card is ready for the next preorder of which I will be watching for it!

  8. Thanks for writing Sharon … it is always a confidence builder to read that someone has enjoyed one of my books. Watch for Clearwater Promises towards the end of November. Have a great weekend! Take care and be safe. Al

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