Clearwater Deception


13319866_996908353755827_9078887654858917248_nI would like to thank Rita Toews for the great cover she designed for my next book in the Clearwater Series. I am always so impressed but this one is special. Thanks Rita!

6 thoughts on “Clearwater Deception

  1. When is Clearwater Deception going to be released, so I can get my pre-order in. I love, love, love, this series and can’t wait for Clearwater Deception Day!

  2. Hi Sharon – With any luck at all Deception should be ready by the end of July or early August. Thank you for asking and thank you for being a Joe and Mia fan. Take care … Have a great week!

  3. Hello, I have a Question. do you make more from a sale from Smashwords or by a sale on say B&N. I wouls like to buy books where the author gets the best royalties. Thanks

    • Wow … I believe that is a first in all the time I have been writing. Actually, I make more on a sale through Smashwords than I do on any of the e-book formats. Smashwords is the middle man in the sales through I-Books, B&N, Kindle and Kobo and they all take a percent. By buying directly from Smashwords, they become the end seller and I make a percentage more on the sale. Of course, Smashwords doesn’t have a tablet, so most people find it easier to download from the maker of their e-reader or tablet. Hope that helps … and thanks for being a Joe and Mia fan.
      Take care and be safe,

  4. Al Rennie, I loved, loved, loved Clearwater Deception! I love it when Max shows up in the nick of time and Doc is not expecting him. I had a feeling that it was Max when Doc saw the “white” Escalade and what a great surprise that not only was Max there to help him, but also Jimmy and Ben. I thought for sure Max wouldn’t show up since Frank said he was handling a business problem for him and that he would need Ben, who by the way had already quite CHIPS and went back to Canada. You sure fooled me, but it was great! The way Doc caught the serial killer was really good. You did it, another hit. You know, some series get boring after like the third book and I lose focus and move on to other things, but Clearwater series never gets boring and we are on #32! I cannot wait for the next one, love the Ken Jackson story-line as well! Thanks Bubba! I can’t wait for the next one, which I hope is in the works soon.

    Sharon Goodman

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write, Sharon. I love the fact that you are still enjoying the series. I am working on the edit of Clearwater Confession that should be out around the end of September. Thanks again for such a great early morning boost. Take care and be safe.

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