6 thoughts on “Clearwater Betrayal

    • Hi Sharon
      So great to read that you are waiting for the next episode and willing to help with the pre-purchase. I set up the release date for March 24th so, with the exception of Kindle Amazon, Betrayal will be available any time in the next few days for the pre-purchase. I will make it available in Kindle on March 24th to take another shot at putting a blip on the reading lists. Stay well and be safe,

      • Thank you, I will keep watch Barnes and noble. My family buys me gift cards from there that I use VERY frugishly (probably not a real…just a Sharon word ) so I don’t miss an episode of Joe and Mia. I usually preorder when I can. On February 12, I woke up the whole house yelling “It’s Clearwater Bubba day”! You did not disappoint! You stay safe and well too!

  1. A Sharon word … ? I like the concept. Maybe we can find a Mia word and do something with it. Remember to wake up on March 24t yelling it’s Betrayal Day! That doesn’t sound too positive does it? Maybe come up with another Sharon word for that morning. Thanks for writing and being a Mia and Doc fan. Have a great weekend Sharon!

  2. Al, I would never have expected that Clearwater Betrayal was going to be your last book. Imagine my surprise when I reached the end. I am so happy that you changed your mind. I loved the book and the story, I read it in 2 days. I understand your dishearten about the sales, but you have loyal readers that love you, Joe, Mia, Max, Frank………, I would have felt “betrayed” if you would have ended the series like this. First of all you make a lot of people happy and you should be proud of that, second, when this series does end and I hope it wont be soon, I do not think it would be right to kill off Doc and his family, the deserve to ride off into the sunset. They have been through enough and I would personally like to see them all have a happy ending, I look forward to Clearwater Penalty, I believe is your next book, but I am almost afraid to read it, please don;t let it be the end, I AM NOT READY! I am looking forward to reading a few “Mia words.”

    Your Loyal Reader

    • Thank you for writing Sharon. I must have been having a momentary lapse of reason back in January and February. It is almost spring now; I am enjoying Penalty. We will survive. Please do not be afraid to read Penalty. The boys are back in the saddle again. Have a great weekend. Take care and stay safe. Al

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