I would like to thank all the Joe and Mia readers who supported my shot at literary greatness on the Best Seller charts by purchasing their copy of Clearwater Bubba as a pre-purchase or on February 12th. There were one or two problems with Barnes and Noble but I did break their top 500 list which, given the genre and the fact that no matter how you cut it, I am an indie writer, was an achievement. Further to that, I can report that Kobo sales went up 67%: B&N up 18%: I-Books up 23% and I sold 30 Bubba books on Kindle.

Once again, thank you for all of your support. I only hope you feel that it was worthwhile and that you enjoy the book. A few readers reported waiting for their download until midnight and then one or two of them read it until four or five in the morning. One committed Joe and Mia fan, Bearknoll, finished the book and wrote a very kind and generous assessment on I-Books which you can read if the spirit moves you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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