6 thoughts on “Clearwater Bubba

  1. It will be available within twelve hours. Amazon, unlike the other retailers Smashwords supplies does not permit me to pre-publish before the release date. I put it on there about an hour ago. It will be available. Sorry

  2. Does anyone know what day it is?????? IT IS CLEARWATER BUBBA DAY!!!!! I am so excited, I have been waiting for this, thanks Al!

    • Thank you so much Sharon. I hope you enjoy it. If you are downloading from Barnes and Noble, we are having a few problems right now. It should all be worked out soon. Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Valentines Day!

  3. I just finished Clearwater Bubba and I loved it!! Frank actually sent Mia the Conquest Knight. Mia and the kids will be safe, but Clearwater drivers (including Joe) should give them the road, the parking lot, the bridge, etc. With the “Rules, ” Mia’s plan to paint the Conquest pink and the signs of impending birth in Canada, I laughed so hard, I may be calling Frank’s plumber. I am anxious to see some college felons get their deserved “pounding” in #30. Keep them coming, Al!!

    • Thanks Jackie … your comment gave me a good laugh to start my morning. So great to read that you enjoyed Bubba. Take care and be safe and have a fantastic weekend!

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