Contest Results

After hours of concentrated effort, the results of the Clearwater Casting Contest can be announced.
Joe … we have a tie … Nathan Filion and Keanu Reeves
Mia … Reese Witherspoon two ballots ahead of Beth Riesgraf
Max … Liam Neeson four ballots ahead of Sam Elliott

In an attempt to be more than fair, as no single ballot hit the trifecta
the following readers are declared the winners: Jeremy Lockhart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (lowest score) Ellen Beard on a small mountain in Arkansas (most often to change her mind) and Ally Dawn of St. Louis (not even close)

Please e-mail or message me your snail mail address and choice of title (Including the new one available as a paperback sometime after Feb. 12th).

If I ever announce that I am thinking of running another contest, someone please tell me to give my head a shake. Thanks!

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