Casting Contest

As a result of some idle speculation on Facebook today, an important contest has been created. Which recognizable actors and actress would be the best choices as Joe, Mia and Max for the massive Hollywood production of the Clearwater Journals? (which currently is a figment of my imagination) Keep in mind the ages and traits of each character as they are presented in the books. For example, six foot tall, Jane Lynch is not the ideal Mia for any number of reasons.

Beginning today and ending on January 14th, submissions can be made to this website or to me directly at     The editing crew, who keep me on the page and between the lines, will be recruited to assist in making the final selection for each role.

The person who comes closest to the trifecta will be awarded a paperback of whichever Clearwater title he or she selects.

14 thoughts on “Casting Contest

  1. For the casting of characters in the Clearwater series
    Joe – Chris O’Donnell
    Mia – Julianne Hough
    Max – Steve Austin

  2. For the casting of characters in the Clearwater series
    Joe – Dave Coulier
    Mia – Danica McKellar
    Max – Alan Rickman

    • Your selections are on the books. Thanks for adding to the fun. I don’t think I’ve heard of Dave Coulier. The editors will have fun checking him out.

  3. Joe: Josh Holloway
    Mia: Hayden Panettiere
    Max: Hugh Laurie

    My Favorites for the Clearwater Cast

    • Hey Jackie … Thanks for entering this mega huge contest … sort of like 649 only different. The editors will have to get busy checking out your choices. I didn’t recognize your choice for Mia. I’ll check that one out myself.

    • Thanks for the information, but I think I’ll pass. This was to be a bit of a fun joke. I didn’t expect the return mail I have received already. I am responding to everyone who writes and getting almost no writing of my own done. Great to hear from you!
      Take care and be safe!

    • Hey Graham … You are in the running. I have never heard of Skyler Samuels, but the editors and I will check her out. Thanks for being a part of the fun. Have a great week.

  4. Well, ever since the first novel my visions of who these characters reminded me of has not changed.  Mia, very definitely, Hayden Panettiere. Vertically challenged, blond, blue eyes. Joe, has to be Josh Holloway (Lost).  Max for sure, Kiefer Sutherland. I actually went back and read Clearwater Journals over again and it certainly reinforced my thoughts on who they should be. Good luck, Al! Val BTW, I just finished your Clearwater Escape book and it was amazing.  Being from Peterborough myself and spending time at my Aunt Thelma Wyatt’s cottage on Stoney Lake it sure brought back the memories.  I still meet my best friend at Smitty’s for dinner once a month. It certainly deserves a second read. 😊

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