8 thoughts on “Frank’s new ride!

  1. Al Rennie put this on his website without the help of his computer guy, Jeremy, er Chance Faulkner. Who says I am not computer literate? I do! Be impressed … this is the vehicle that makes its debut in Clearwater Escape which will be out at the end of October.

  2. It’s perfect for Frank, but I think he should buy one for Mia. With her less than stellar driving record, she needs all the protection she can get! P.S. I am eagerly awaiting the further adventures of Doc and family in Canada. Do you have a possible ETA? Jackie K

    • Clearwater Escape should be available before the end of this month. Actually, the Conquest Knight plays a significant role in that story. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Just saw franks new ride. It’s perfect for Frank. He’s going to have some fun rides with the twins. I’m wondering who’s going to drive him around though? Max, or Lars? Jackie is right, he should get one for mia. It’ll be fun reading escape to see what happens with the “knight”!

  4. Love it!! It’s the perfect ride for Frank. He’s about the only person I know who could afford one.
    I wonder if it comes in pink?? If I ever win the lottery I am so getting this!
    Good job on getting it on your website Al. I am very, very impressed. 😉 😉

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