Clearwater Vice

Once again, I hav11700989_827432950703369_2978199516496214694_oe been inspired by the cover design work of Rita Toews. She has to be the most patient and creative cover person out there. This is what Clearwater Vice will look like when it comes out in early October.

One thought on “Clearwater Vice

  1. I love your books! I discovered Clearwater Journals while in the hospital. I downloaded every free mystery I could, and started reading. I thought your free book was a mistake because it was head and tails above the quality of everything else I’d seen! Once I started, I couldn’t stop and ended up purchasing every book you’ve made available on ITunes. Thank you so much for your work! However, it did create a little problem….Do you know how pissy world-famous heart surgeons get when you tell them to wait a minute, you have to finish your book before you will go to the operating room? It’s definitely not pretty! I’ve read the entire series Clearwater series twice now, and can’t wait for the next book to come out. Please, please hurry!


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