Clearwater Double Cross available August 28th.

Clearwater Double Cross will be available on Friday August 28th.

doublecrossfinalBusiness is booming; Joe is asked to back channel to the dark side, to help the CP find a drug dealer selling lethal Ecstasy and to assist Bob Morse in defense of a trial judge accused of killing his wife. Mia is having another change of heart; Frank faces a moral dilemma; CHIPs is involved with Family Court, again;Billy and Natalie … who would have guessed? Another fun time in Clearwater Beach!

6 thoughts on “Clearwater Double Cross available August 28th.

  1. Looking forward to more skulduggery in the warm climate of Clearwater after two months closer to zero in a Canberra winter. Spring and autumn are lovely here, perhaps Joe, Mia, family and friends would like to visit. My shout at the pub.

  2. Clearwater Double Cross was fantabulous, I chuckled out loud at some of Doc’s thoughts and comments. This series is also very knowledgeable on current situations, so it is really a twofer!! I am constantly amazed at the creativity of the author, keep up the good work, Al Rennie

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