6 thoughts on “Clearwater Stake Out coming soon.

  1. This series is the best!!!! I read each one as soon as it is published. Al Rennie, you rock!!!! 5 stars!

  2. Al: Did you really mean October? The previous post had indicated April. I love the Clearwater gang and would be willing to wait, but I would much rather hear that April is the correct release month.
    Jackie K.

  3. Did I miss the book when Joe and Mia were married? Hope there will be more about Mia’s natural son. Love the series.

    • Thank you for writing. There is a brief summary of how Frank almost destroys the Joe and Mia nuptials in Clearwater Hustle which was the book immediately before Stake Out. I will keep the idea of Mia’s natural son in mind. Clearwater Fit will be available early in May.

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