Clearwater Hustle

 It’s ChriHustlefinalstmas in Clearwater; Brother Frank needs a favour … someone is missing; June at Children Services needs a favour and a home; Jeremy needs marriage advice; Johnny needs help; Mia needs patience; Mrs. F needs new in-laws; Bob Morse needs help for a client; Joe almost wins the New Age Sherlock Holmes Award; Max pays a visit and the shooting starts shortly after, and Doc gets to be Santa Claus at the Men’s Shelter. It is another fun romp In Clearwater Beach Florida.

Clearwater Hustle will be available on Valentine’s Day. Pre-ordering will be available on Feb 2nd.

7 thoughts on “Clearwater Hustle

  1. Great because the book I’m reading now is yuck. I need me some Joe and Mia!
    Al you are awesome. …can’t wait.👍

  2. What a great Valentine present…..a great read by a favorite author!
    Keep them coming Al, always a pleasure to read a book knowing it’s another adventure into the lives of a cast of characters you know and love!

    • Hi
      So I show up at my computer this morning to go to work and I am greeted by your very kind comment regarding my writing and Clearwater Hustle. Thank you so much. You have made my day. I hope you have a great week and your act of kindness is rewarded.
      Take care and please keep reading,

  3. Thanks Al for another chapter in the lives of my favourite imaginary friends. I’ll go and put some stars and comments on iBooks which is where I get my copies. Please keep writing, but don’t do yourself an injury, we want you there for the long haul.

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