Clearwater Hunter.




A young woman finds her prince that never was. She needs to disengage, but the prince threatens pay back if she tries. Joe to the rescue! Susan Whipple walks away from her smothering family. The family comes to CHIPs to find her if only to know that she is safe. Joe’s horse trainer asks a favour for his new wife. The boys learn a code word. Sam learns the truth about Dan. Another romp in paradise!

Clearwater Hunter will be released on March 28th and is available for pre order in the next week.

One thought on “Clearwater Hunter.

  1. Hi al. I just finished reading Clearwater hunter. It was great. I loved the jokes, the suspense and how the characters are growing in each book. The Clearwater series is so great because each new book in the series is original and yet you manage to tie it to all of the other books in the series while keeping us wanting more. I hope you’re working on the next book bubba because this huckleberry ready to read!

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