Clearwater Oops: Coming September 10th on Smash Words



Joe has a new car; Mia finds a body in one of her condos; Sean’s mom is still crazy but wants him back; a social worker asks Joe to help find some missing kids; Eliza is about to lose it all; Flash gets a new friend; Bob Morse believes that his wife is cheating on him; Doug takes a step towards sainthood; Janille and Marissa move into their new home; and Joe gets a gift. Another romp in Paradise!

4 thoughts on “Clearwater Oops: Coming September 10th on Smash Words

  1. I love your books, but have to look and see which mo th you end and begin with to follow…can you put them in a book what was first then the next please….thank you…have a very Blessed day and writing

  2. A new one !!!!! I’m so glad. And just in time for my birthday too, it’s like a present 🙂
    I do love your books. Found Clearwater while looking for free books in my iPhone. Read the first one, loved it, Bought all the ones you had written so far. Then my iPhone decided to commit early suicide and I couldn’t read them anywhere else, so I went to kobo and bought them again LOL plus the new ones. And now I’m going straight to kobo to buy “OOPS” and find out what else is happening with Joe and Mia and everyone else. Thank you. You make my trips to and from work a pleasure, regardless of the full streetcars, the delays and Toronto’s winter:)

  3. Imagine my surprise when I received an email saying a new book from you was available. I swear I gave a delighted (little) shriek and went in search of what would be my newest download; a new story with the wonderful cast of characters in your Clearwater series.

    Me and my iPad rushed to the ebook store prepared to download at the speed of light but I was brought up short when I discovered there were THREE new books to download! Somehow the notification thingy (lol) hadn’t tipped me off until Clearwater Oops arrived so to my joy I was able to make them seem like one big, long novel : )

    To top things off I got myself a nasty abscessed tooth, that part was yucky but now I had a bona fide excuse to stay home (and be anti-social) and do nothing but immerse myself into the wonderful, wacky world of Joe and Mia. Thank you once again Mr Rennie for writing the best escapism novels EVER (you can tell I enjoy them by my liberal use of capitals lol) I just finished the last book so not to add any pressure or anything but I hope you are writing the next Joe and Mia book as I type this 🙂

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