Clearwater Intrigue.

This is the Imagecover for the next book in the Clearwater series. The novel should be available on Smashwords around the middle of January. Happy New Year – I hope 2013 is incredible.

Carol Bailey is back and needs Joe to help her get her brother back from a ruthless gang of kidnappers. Max has disappeared. Janille needs help robbing a bank. Mia is making plans that require more space and a better education. Frank has suffered a little set back. A commune has its sights on Sean Toler. Billy Ray solves a case by himself. And Joe is in trouble with the FBI. Another fanciful romp!

3 thoughts on “Clearwater Intrigue.

  1. If you could contact Barnes and Noble and ask them what the problem is, I would appreciate it. I have had a number of questions about how quickly they do not process new titles.

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