Clearwater Birthday


I have just sent off Clearwater Birthday off to Smashwords and Amazon. This episode (#50) will be available from the different digital e-book retailers sometime during the next 72 hours. I hope you will buy it and enjoy it! Take care and stay safe.


Clearwater Hope


I finally managed to get all my kittens in a row. Clearwater Hope will be available in digital form (I-Books, Kindle, Barnes & Noble and KOBO) within the next 72 hours. I’m sorry it took so long
to be published but a couple of eye operations and a long, cold, depressing winter will do that to you. I hope you enjoy it!

Facebook Glitch -For my Facebook friends who also follow -I was informed that someone accessed my Facebook account using my username and my password. An option to open a new account with a new password was given. I assumed – wrongly – that all my material would be moved to this new account. Did not happen — Until further notice I will not be on Facebook so be aware of mailings or requests that might seem to be from me. I am trying to work this out with the support section of Facebook … not an easy process. Thanks for your understanding – Al

Clearwater Blackmail


Clearwater Blackmail will be available at Smashwords today and the other digital retailers (Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and I-Books) sometime during the next 72 hours. The on sale price on the last fives Clearwater episodes will only remain in effect until the end of September. After that, the price on those titles will bounce up to previous ‘just released’ prices. This is part of the marketing plan that I have just completed with GoTO Publishing. Hope you enjoy this adventure in paradise.



Against all odds … and after vowing to never run another reader contest … remember the last one where you selected the major players for the new fantasy television series of Clearwater episodes – well hold onto your knickers … another Al Rennie marketing scheme is about to unfold before your very eyes. Yup that’s right … so pay attention.

Simply send your favorite excerpt from any book in the Clearwater Series and you might be eligible to win a signed copy of one of my books or, better yet, a $15.00 Amazon gift certificate. Exciting eh?

But wait …! There’s more! You could see your name attached to one of the characters in a future episode with Doc and Mia. That’s right … you could be the next person working for CHIPs or maybe, if you prefer, a bad guy … or maybe even Billy Ray’s caddie.
So, you ask … Al, how can I get in on all of this incredible excitement? Here’s your answer.
Either cut and paste your favorite passage – no more than five or six hundred words – or send the reference to the passage using name of selected book’s retailer i.e. I-Books, B&N, Kobo or Kindle and the page number and a short title to

The winners will see his or her passage in a future posting on the Al Rennie Indie Author Facebook page.
NOTE: In the unlikely event that the same passage is submitted more than once, the first submission wins the prize.

So you might send in, “The scene with Linc at the end of Clearwater Homesick …. I-Books pages …” OR you could cut and paste the scene and submit it.
An esteemed panel of literary critics will review all submissions and announce the winners on September 7, 2019.

Get your submissions in early…

“Note from Al: Come on Doc and Mia fans – help me out. I’ll feel like such a peckerwood if there are no submissions.