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New photographs have been uploaded to page “Clearwater Pictures”.

Clearwater Stakeout will be available in early April.


Joe and Billy Ray are kicking back at the track when Joe gets an offer he can’t refuse from a major league, U.S. crime boss; Mia is a little disappointed in Valentine’s Day and samples way too much wine; Amber is being stalked by a man she once knew; CHIPs new employee, Natalie, is having problems adjusting to the demands of the job; Joe takes his kids to the race track when Mia gets sick; Homeland makes Joe an offer to be a ‘back channel’ conduit to organized crime that he can’t refuse; a gun deal goes sideways; another fun romp in Clearwater Beach Florida with Doc and the gang.



Clearwater Hustle

 It’s ChriHustlefinalstmas in Clearwater; Brother Frank needs a favour … someone is missing; June at Children Services needs a favour and a home; Jeremy needs marriage advice; Johnny needs help; Mia needs patience; Mrs. F needs new in-laws; Bob Morse needs help for a client; Joe almost wins the New Age Sherlock Holmes Award; Max pays a visit and the shooting starts shortly after, and Doc gets to be Santa Claus at the Men’s Shelter. It is another fun romp In Clearwater Beach Florida.

Clearwater Hustle will be available on Valentine’s Day. Pre-ordering will be available on Feb 2nd.


Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

 Dear Joe and Mia fans;

I would like to thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and your continued support. I have one favour to ask if it is not too much bother. If you have read and enjoyed one, or a number, of my books, please take a few minutes to give a good rating. If you want to write a positive review, that would also be helpful. Publishers are saying that, currently, there is a glut of free and relatively cheap books on the market which will translate into less revenue for all writers. They go on to point out that only those authors with a gradually built up reader base producing four or five star rated books will survive. ‘Hard times ahead’ seems to be the message.

I have been very fortunate to have received very kind ratings from most readers. The puzzler for me is that Clearwater Homesick has been available since December 5th, and to date there has only been one rating and that, believe it or not, was on Kobo. I know that I-books will not post a rating until they have a certain number, but Barnes and Noble generally post as the ratings come in.

In concluding, I would like to wish all you Joe and Mia fans a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

Best Regards,


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Clearwater Folly Now Available

Clearwater Folly is now available for pre-order from Smashwords and Kindle. It should also be available on I-books and Barnes and Noble within the next few days.

Joe has a big date that goes sideways; Sam and Joe expose a crooked family court judge; Mia tricks Joe financially; little Billy needs a birthday party; Billy Ray wants to kill a dead guy; Luke thinks outside the box yet again; an illegal alien goes missing; CHIPs hires a new employee; Jimmy leaves Frank to go on a personal mission; Frank and the Gee boys learns to dance; Mrs. F earns a new nickname; Another crazy romp in paradise!


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