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Price Markdown.

As a result of a recent consultation with my accountant, I have discovered that the Canadian government is going to take most of the profits I make from writing through personal income tax. For that reason, I have just slashed the prices of all my books. That will teach them! Well, actually I know it won’t, but it feels good to think it might.



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Clearwater Hunter.




A young woman finds her prince that never was. She needs to disengage, but the prince threatens pay back if she tries. Joe to the rescue! Susan Whipple walks away from her smothering family. The family comes to CHIPs to find her if only to know that she is safe. Joe’s horse trainer asks a favour for his new wife. The boys learn a code word. Sam learns the truth about Dan. Another romp in paradise!

Clearwater Hunter will be released on March 28th and is available for pre order in the next week.


Clearwater Undercover.



Joe is in deep trouble. He has had to make a pact with the mafia to help a detective friend. Now he has to honour the agreement. That spells danger for all the Clearwater crew. A British tourist has gone astray but the story Joe hears is not entirely accurate. A wealthy businessman has been scammed and wants his money back. More crime than enough in this romp in paradise!

Now available on Kindle and Smashwords.


Clearwater Oops: Coming September 10th on Smash Words



Joe has a new car; Mia finds a body in one of her condos; Sean’s mom is still crazy but wants him back; a social worker asks Joe to help find some missing kids; Eliza is about to lose it all; Flash gets a new friend; Bob Morse believes that his wife is cheating on him; Doug takes a step towards sainthood; Janille and Marissa move into their new home; and Joe gets a gift. Another romp in Paradise!


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