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Clearwater Folly Now Available

Clearwater Folly is now available for pre-order from Smashwords and Kindle. It should also be available on I-books and Barnes and Noble within the next few days.

Joe has a big date that goes sideways; Sam and Joe expose a crooked family court judge; Mia tricks Joe financially; little Billy needs a birthday party; Billy Ray wants to kill a dead guy; Luke thinks outside the box yet again; an illegal alien goes missing; CHIPs hires a new employee; Jimmy leaves Frank to go on a personal mission; Frank and the Gee boys learns to dance; Mrs. F earns a new nickname; Another crazy romp in paradise!


Clearwater Assault

Clearwater Assault will be available as a paperback and as an e-book on Friday August 15th.

AssaultfinalLuke has been assaulted; Joe wants a piece of the guys who did it; Mia borrows big money from Frank; CHIPs is looking for a man who stepped off the grid five years earlier; Jimmy arrives and trouble follows; Samantha gets assertive with Joe; Billy Ray thinks about going back to school, but not for too long; Fred comes back to help solve the last case he was working when he was a cop; there may be a link to the FBI; another fun romp in Clearwater Beach


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